My grandson Ashish from India making these photos.

Hi, i am Ashish Saini from India. I lives in India's heart state Madhya Pradesh's Shivpuri District. I born on 5 november 1996. I my family is are father, mother and granmother and 4 sisters outsite the house, she is al married. I have in Nederland are sweetful grandfather Dirk-Thomas de Boer. I am studing now in under graduation and doing little photography wifh my grandfather. I have are Nikon d60 photo camera.

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    My grandson Ashish from India making these photos.

    This chahattri the memory of the late lieutenant general maharaja sir madho Rao scindia alijah bahadur G.C.S.I.,LL.D.,D.C L., of Gwalior was commenced in the year 1926 (samvat 1982) by order of the council of regency. The foundation stone was laid his highness maharaja highness maharaka jiwaji Rao scindia alijah bahadur on 6th January 1926 (samvat 1982) andcompleted in the year 1932. The construction was carried out under the direction of il col. Sir hashmattulla khan Kt home member Gwalior government and supervision of rai bahadur S.N. Bhadhuri C.E.M.I.E. supervising engineer by asghar Ali Khan executive.


    photo 24 may 2015.